Monday, October 25, 2004

BBC Politics show

I have never liked Jeremy Vine for reasons that I can tell you another time , so I very rarely look at his show. However yesterday I did . What a travesty. He preceded the talking bit (Prescott and Knapman ) in the usual way with a short film . This was so biased that even I had to email a complaint to . I asked them if the producer was of this world ... a few minutes on the net would have shown him/her that the position in the NE is best summed up by the comment of the Sunderland paper .
I think it was " The more that people find out about what is on offer ( regional assmbly) the less they like it"

You may be amused to know a bit about a little ( 60 in the audience) debate set up in Manchester Town Hall the other evening by the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society about Regional Government The speakers were Graham Stringer for the 'No' and Tony Wilson ( Yes ! That Tony Wilson ..Record producer etc etc ) for the 'Yes'.
Stringer was brilliant in his understated even deferential way . Wilson had no answer to any of the killer points his sole idea was to say " accept it warts and all and we can expand it later !"
The fact is that Stringer et al have managed to get vast sums of money into rebuilding Manchester City Centre by as he put it " realising the limits of Govt /local authority capability " He realised years ago that it was private enterprise that should do it what the council could and did do was simple act as a facilitator and then stand back